Al Queda Schoolyard Massacre

...and Obama still can't figure out whether to send more troops to Afghanistan.
It would have been a no-brainer for Bush or McCain...or Palin.

If we switch from Counter Insurgency to Counter Terrorism, which is what Biden wants, the present Afghan Government (however corrupt it is) will fall to the Taliban. Now, would the reinstated Taliban government be any less dubious or less problematic than the present Afghan Government? Of course not. And what would Biden propose we do then, have many years of constant drone attacks killing innocent Afghan civilians because the terrorists have embedded their training camps among the civilians? Afghanistan will become our Palestine. Look how good the minimalist military strategy has been working out for Israel. Obama and Biden need to get a grip on reality. Unless, they're dithering on purpose to put pressure on the Afghans to have a fair run off election.

I'd love to see the lady from Code Pink get between these captives and the Gunmen.
That would really make my day.
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