Mason Weaver On The Race Card & Who Is The Real Racist?

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd chalked up Rep. Joe Wilson's "You lie" outburst during Obama's healthcare speech to flat out racism. Yet, when Kanye West steals the moment from white girl, Taylor Swift, by pointing to a black woman, Boyonce, saying her video is better, nobody in the press mentions racism. Kanye West will call George Bush a racist all day long, even though George Bush was the first president to have not one, but two black Secretaries of State and a Hispanic Attorney General. As well as had done more for Africa than Nelson Mandela or any man in history has done. Well, after his spat at the VMAs where Kanye said he was a " of real pop culture", it sounded like he means real pop culture is black. West or Wilson, who seems more like a racist?

I saw a prominent black republican say on C-span once that, white people don't wake up in the morning hating black people as much as black people wake up hating Whitey. I wish I could remember his name...I think it was Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, who said he didn't have an Afro, he had an Amerifro.

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